Staying Safe Online

Need help or information for staying safe online?

Priory school is committed to keeping our students safe in the online world as well as in the real world. All students are taught about staying safe on the internet throughout the different year groups and we will do our best to help any students who have questions on this topic.

The aim of Priory School is to ensure all students have a good understanding of the world wide web and know how to use it safely and respectfully. Social Media has become a very popular network of apps/websites that children enjoy being a part of.
Many children are unaware of the age limits for these sites.
Most social media sites require account holders to be a minimum age of 13 years but
in April 2018 WhatsApp raised their limit to 16 years.

How can I support my child online and ensure they stay safe on the web?

There are many things that can be done to help your child and it is always a good idea to monitor what they are doing online. We advise that you always set up accounts with your children and understand how an app/website works. Be aware of what they are doing online, discuss it and know how to help them if anything goes wrong.

If you need guidance in anyway then the school will be happy to help you. You can also visit the CEOP website for information.

Some useful websites can be found below

Childnet International

Think U Know

Parent Zone

National Online Safety

Helpful Guides

The National Online Safety organisation has produced many useful guides to help you understand some of the apps and websites being used by your child(ren).
For ease, the most common are below.

Online Issues

Cyber Crime
Online Bullying
Online Challenges
Online Hate
Online Hoaxes
Screen Addiction
Spotting Fake News
Online Grooming
Trolling and Online Abuse
Online Content - Staying Safe


Age Ratings - Parents Guide
Age Ratings
Internet Controls
Conversation Starters
Remote Access
Computers in the Early Years
Being Online - Tips for Children
How Not to Be a Screen Zombie
Protecting Personal Data
Search Engines
VPNs - Virtual Private Networks

Mobile Phones

Android Content Settings
Android Privacy Settings
SOS Samsung
iPhone Content Settings
iPhone Privacy Settings
SOS iPhone
SOS Google Phone
Smartphone - Tips for Children
Location Tracking

Other Devices

Amazon Alexa
Home Devices
Children's Devices
New Devices
Fitness Trackers


Games Consoles
Playstation 4
Playstation 5
XBox One
XBox Series X
Nintendo Switch
Fortnite Chapter 2
Among Us
Fifa 20
Fifa 21
Streamers and Influencers
Parenting Gamers
Games and Violent Behaviour
Gaming Disorder

Social Media

Social Media - Tips for Children
Facebook Messenger
You Tube
Likes - Social Pressures
Friends and Followers - Social Pressures
Friends and Followers
Influencers - Social Pressures
Apperence - Social Pressures

TV, Film and Streaming

YouTube Kids
Video Streaming Apps and Sites
Live Streaming
Music Streaming


Safer Online Shopping
The App Store

Mental Health

Share a Smile - Supporting Mental Health
Social Media - Supporting Mental Health
Help with Social Media - Supporting Mental Health
Stress Awareness - Challenges
Supporting Mental Awareness
Conversation Starters - Supporting Mental Health
Be Kind Online - Supporting Mental Health
How to Be Kind Online - Supporting Mental Health

Google have also created a great online safety game aimed at KS2 aged children.
Click here to give it a try